Thursday, May 15, 2014

ABC's Resurrection Is The Opposite of Silly or Dead on Arrival

Note: Below is a review I'd written for Resurrection when it first aired, then shelved when its renewal chances didn't look to good. But now that it's been renewed, I'm posting it for the benefit of viewers who might want to do some binge-watching of season one over the summer. So without much further ado, here it is!

When I first saw the promos for Resurrection, I was somewhat intrigued by the premise and yet a little bit leery. It seemed like another show in a recent spate of touchy-feely, supernatural-themed programs like Touch and Believe. One thing I'm not is a Touched by an Angel, Highway to Heaven type, so I avoided Resurrection because I was afraid it was going to be nothing but a weekly schmaltzfest of people happily reuniting with their loved ones.

However, I finally buckled and decided to start watching it because of all the buzz it was getting. And boy, am I glad it did, because not only was Resurrection the very opposite of the type of show I feared it was going to be, it wound up being a lot better than I expected. Here's why:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why Revolution Sucked Monkey Balls and Deserved to Get Canceled

It never fails--a lousy TV show gets canceled and instead of taking its cancellation in stride, the fans will almost always launch into a public tirade on forums, screaming that it was too smart, creative or sophisticated for the average viewer, or that anyone who hated the show must either be a hardcore sci-fi geek who can't suspend disbelief; a classless boor who only enjoys cop procedurals; or an amoeba-brained moron who loves Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Hey, you know why this show failed? Because you suck, that's why! You probably watch crappy reality TV and wouldn't know brilliant, thought-provoking sci-fi if it bit you on the ass!!! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT!!

As a person who hated this insipid, stupid, moronic program as much as I did, are you gonna take that kind of **** from Revolution fans? Are you going to let these people put you down as someone who doesn't appreciate good television? Well, neither am I! So in this entry, I'm going to explain in blow by blow detail why this show blowed chunks and should've never been renewed past the first season:

Sunday, April 6, 2014

CW's The 100's Serious Battle Royale Misstep (Spoilers for Episode 3, Earth Kills)

Wow, well color me confused--and shocked. Just last week, I wrote a glowing review about The 100, CW's new offering in the post-apocalyptic genre. The first two episodes showed a lot of promise, setting up some interesting and nuanced conflicts between the kids down on earth, as well as some interesting scenarios that needed to be resolved. By episode two, I became completely committed to the series, wanting to see where it was going to go next.

But then Episode Three happened ("Earth Kills"), and it was so shocking, so disturbing, that now I'm beginning to rethink my review. Don't get me wrong; the show is still pretty good and in fact, very daring. However, The 100 went in such an ugly direction in the third episode that most people will probably want to reconsider watching the series if it keeps going the way it's going.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Help Spread the Word About NBC's Hannibal

Mediocre ratings and new crappy time slot be damned, I don't care. NBC's Hannibal right now is bar none the best damned television show on network TV and probably the best show of the past 10 years. Better than Lost. Better than House. Better than anything, quite frankly. It has an incredible ensemble cast, an incredibly intelligent script, and an incredible look. I haven't seen a show look this good since... well, ever.

And this is a series that takes plenty of chances. When an important character gets killed off in the worst, most gruesome way possible (by getting sliced up like an Italian salami at a NYC deli), well, that's when you know that you're not dealing with corporate hacks cranking out paint-by-number scripts.

Friday, March 28, 2014

CW Puts Terra Nova and Revolution to Shame with The 100: A Review

Wow, who woulda thunk it? For several years, internet wags like myself relentlessly mocked shows like Terra Nova and Revolution as being nothing more than apocalyptic sci-fi shows for the CW crowd. Then go figure, the CW actually decided to put out an apocalyptic sci-fi show--for the CW crowd!

Call me crazy, but I don't think this was a coincidence. I think that The 100 may have been a direct response to FOX and NBC's inept attempts at trying to horn in on the CW's territory by producing shows in the vein of programs typical in its lineup. You can see it now, can't you? CW execs laughing mockingly at Revolution, going, "Look at these chumps trying to steal away our core audience by copying us. Let's show 'em how it's really done!"

I also think that The 100 might have been an angry retort to detractors who couldn't resist lumping the CW network in with bad sci-fis like Revolution and Terra Nova. (Guilty. As. Charged. :-x) If that was the case, I can't say I really blame the network. In CW's defense, it has never produced a dumbed down post-apocalyptic show aimed at tweens, so constantly bashing it as the poster child of this kind of program was really unfair. In addition, even though the network has earned a reputation for producing shallow entertainment for the youth demo, the fact is, it's never, ever produced a show as obnoxiously stupid, lazy, or inept as either Revolution or Terra Nova. Ever.

Given how much of a bum rap the network was getting, I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't a few executives bristling with anger--and maybe even feeling a little wounded--that people kept associating it as the type of network that would produce lazy garbage like Revolution. Perhaps after all the mockery, The 100 was CW finally taking a stand, trying to shut the detractors up and prove to the world that it could produce a decent post-apocalyptic sci-fi series.

So how did The 100, a show about a bunch of teenagers forced to recolonize planet Earth do? Is it every bit as lame as people expect for the network? Or did CW actually make all of its detractors eat their words? Let's find out!