Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Under the Dome Season 2 Commentary, Part 2

Welcome to part two of my Under the Dome Season 2 Commentary, Part 2! (Read Part 1 here), we'll continue to look at all the other things that went horribly wrong with Under the Dome this past season, thanks to the infestation of brain slugs that apparently attacked the show's writing team:

"Must write another episode of Under the Dome!"

"We can't. We only have 5% of our brain capacity left!"

"That's okay. Let the brain slugs do all the work!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Under the Dome Season 2 Commentary, Pt. 1

In case any of you have been wondering, yes, I did watch Season Two of Under the Dumb Under the Dome, and yes, I found it to be every bit as ridiculous as you found it to be. However, I didn't recap it for the same reason I didn't recap The Following--some shows are so bad that they're not even worth recapping. Under the Dumb was one of them. It was so moronic that I just didn't bother. However, just for fun, I thought I'd do a brief commentary of everything that sucked about Season Two. It's pretty long, so I'll break it down into two parts.

Are you ready? I'll be gentle. I promise!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The FOX Network Canceled Almost Human for Its Latest Reality Show Bomb, Pooptopia

Boy, oh, boy, when Almost Human was canceled last season, I was hopping mad. But when I finally saw what this amazing critically-acclaimed sci-fi series was canceled to make room for--well, I practically blew a gasket. What am I talking about, dear readers?

I introduce you to the brilliance that is FOX's latest reality show bomb, POOPtopia--whoops, Utopia!

FOX's breathtakingly brilliant new reality series. Not.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gotham is Okay, But Nothing Special

Well, the new season is upon us and having watched some of the shows that debuted this past month, I couldn't resist posting a quick review of FOX's Gotham which, in my opinion, is okay, but nothing really to write home about. Here's why:

Thursday, May 15, 2014

ABC's Resurrection Is The Opposite of Silly or Dead on Arrival

Note: Below is a review I'd written for Resurrection when it first aired, then shelved when its renewal chances didn't look to good. But now that it's been renewed, I'm posting it for the benefit of viewers who might want to do some binge-watching of season one over the summer. So without much further ado, here it is!

When I first saw the promos for Resurrection, I was somewhat intrigued by the premise and yet a little bit leery. It seemed like another show in a recent spate of touchy-feely, supernatural-themed programs like Touch and Believe. One thing I'm not is a Touched by an Angel, Highway to Heaven type, so I avoided Resurrection because I was afraid it was going to be nothing but a weekly schmaltzfest of people happily reuniting with their loved ones.

However, I finally buckled and decided to start watching it because of all the buzz it was getting. And boy, am I glad it did, because not only was Resurrection the very opposite of the type of show I feared it was going to be, it wound up being a lot better than I expected. Here's why: